We are a congregation of Believers in Jesus Christ, who believes in worshipping God in Spirit and Truth. We do not formalize our Services in order to attract large numbers of people so as to become a bigger congregation in the Community.
If you love simple Bible Preaching and teaching, then you will like our Church Services. We do not put on big shows or attractions in order to attract people.
Our Pastor Team, Rev. Jay McCurry and wife Jeana, has Pastored in the area for many years and he is well known as a Bible Preaching Minister.
We invite you and your family to visit us during Worship Time and allow us to meet you and your Family. That way we both can get acquainted and decide if further relations would be something which might be beneficial to us both.
Come as you are
Try us, you may just like us, we are not really too difficult to get to know.
Looking forward to meeting you and your family real soon.